Closing a Month in Dynamics NAV


Closing a Month


1. Run the Adjust Cost – Item Entries report

  • On the Role Center, click the "Actions" tab
  • Click the "Adjust Cost - Item Entries" report

  • Do not filter on Item No. or Item Category unless the cost of a certain item has to be fixed
  • Make sure the "Post to G/L" box is checked and then click OK


2. Run the Post Inventory Cost to G/L

  • Now click the "Post Inventory Cost to G/L" report on the "Actions" tab
  • Make sure the "Post" box is checked and then click PRINT


3. Close the Inventory Period

  • In the search box type "Inventory Periods"
  • Select the inventory period to close
  • Click the "Close Period" button on the "Home" tab

  • Click the YES button to confirm that the period should be closed


4. Change the Allowed Posting Dates

  • In the search box type "General Ledger Setup" and choose the first option
  • Change the "Allowed Posting From" and "Allowed Posting To" boxes to next month

  • Click OK to save the new posting



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